Medical Solutions

Integrating technology into medical aspect, confer benefits on society.

Healthcare professionals can benefit with their patients, colleagues or themselves with the use of new technologies, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Real Life Simulations, Motion Detection and etc..

Simulated Rehabilitation Training

The first occupational therapy apparatus simulating real life experiences in Hong Kong. Patient can practice crossing the road and taking escalator just like normal practice in daily reality. Such technology definitely improves the training quality and builds up patient’s confidence.

Cooking Simulation for OT – Kowloon Hospital

Get bored in rehabilitation training? Here we are presenting a fun way to train up patient’s cognitive ability. You can act like a Cooking Mama now, tasked with cooking various menu, following different instructions like boiling water, chopping vegetables. A unique assessment report will be generated when task is finished.

ATM Simulation – Kowloon Hospital

Before withdrawing some real money, can we have a practice first? A realistic ATM simulation-styled computer game is available in some hospitals. Patient can demonstrate the whole process of money withdrawal or transferal. Therapist can review patient’s performance based on the report.

MTR Simulation – Kowloon Hospital

Another simulation-styled mini game in transportation aspect! In the game training, patient can practice different activities in taking MTR, such as finding the shortest route to the destination. Patient can be more familiar with the complex MTR network through the game definitely.

Elderly Assessment Facilities – Elderly Resource Center (HKHS)

A one-stop elderly assessment facilities include Smart Card Systems, Assessment Game Panels, Report System and Database Management System, all assessment result would be recorded and stored in the smart card systems for future reference.

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