We are professional and experienced, assisting our clients to participate in TVP.

The government is introducing Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) in 2017, aiming at subsidizing SMEs to utilize information technology to improve productivity and upgrade business. iGears Technology Limited offers range of consultancy services, tailor-made comprehensive system or services which suits different industrial needs. We are professional and experienced, assisting our clients to participate in TVP.

What is Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)?

Program Target Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong
Program Objective Enhance SMEs’ productivity with the use of technological services and solutions
Funding Amount Up to $200,000 Hong Kong dollars for each eligible enterprise (applicant must invest not less than one-third of the total approved project cost)
  • Companies registered in Hong Kong
  • Substantial business operations for one year or more
  • Manufacturing business employing fewer than 100 persons; or non-manufacturing businesses employing fewer than 50 persons

How to apply for funding?

  1. Contact consultants and service providers such as iGears to provide solution plans and obtain different quotations
  2. Prepare a proposal which iGears can help with
  3. Submit the online application and the required documents to the official website of technology voucher programme

How iGears can help you?

  1. Consult and suggest a suitable IT solution to your business
  2. Write the solution proposal for you
  3. Assist in the application process

What types of iGears projects are eligible for the Tech Voucher Program?

Why choosing iGears?

  1. Experience in Applying Fund
    Starting from social welfare development Fund, iGears has experience in helping clients applying different type of funding: from implementing the projects to preparing projects reports. Successful clients include but not limit to United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service; Zion Social Service; The Mission Covenant Church Yiu On Neighbourhood Elderly Centre.

  2. Professional Consultation
    Serving over 1000 customers in Hong Kong in the past 12 years, iGears is experienced in providing different IT solutions to different industries. We, based on your company’s specific needs or workflow, provide productive and effective suggestion on how IT solutions can help your business

  3. Thoughtful Implementation
    A project team will be assigned to assist your company in a considerate manner. The whole project phases such as planning, design, development, testing, monitoring and following-up will be well-documented to let you be fully informed and updated. These documents can also help make the reporting process of the fund application easier.
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