Human Resources Management System

HRM can help SMEs manage human resources, simplify the procedures, and save administrative cost.

Basic Features

Employee Database

Record and manage employee information, for example, department, salary, leave balance, other personal information such as contact information, emergency contact, etc.

Leave Management

Manage the employee leave status and summary, the system admin can flexibly control the leave entitlement and the system can automatically calculate the leave balance.

Payroll Management

Calculate and handle the payroll of employee. Employee can view their own payroll record through the system, the system admin can flexibly adjust different settings, for example, the payroll date, commissions, bonus.

Taxation Management

Facilitate the management of all employee tax information, automatically calculate tax items, reduce the time in data preparation. The system can help to export taxation documents such as IR56 forms.


Preview, print or export all types of documents and reports in Excel format, standardize all the data information.

Employee Login Portal

Individual login will be given to your employees, the password is free to edit. Employees can login to the web-based system apply leave and view leave record or data such as the past salary history.

Benefits to your Business with HRM

Leave Application Systematization

The automatic system calculation can avoid staffing error and greatly improve the efficiency in the application process. Employees can also apply leave in various places, not limited to the office.

Simplify Data Query

No matter personal records, leave summary or tax items, all data will be integrated into the same system which can instantly view and manage, smoothen the workflow.

Reduced Administrative Procedures

Centralize all employee information, for example, the system admin can get immediate notification once there is any leave requests.

Data Analysis

The system provides various reports, such as employee’s leave summary, having a more accurate and convenient personnel management.