Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does it take to set up EDM?

If you are well-prepared with your clients' mailing address and advertisement, it will only take you a few minutes for sending out the first promotional mail.


2. How long does it take for EDM to send out the mail?

It takes about an hour for sending about 5,000 emails. *Sending time is for reference purposes only; real-time depends on the actual condition


3. Is there a trial version for EDM?

Yes. You only need to fill in the application form on the website, and then you will get the 7-day trial version.


4. What types of format do EDM supports?

It supports text, HTML, JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, etc.


5. Does EDM provide templates?

Yes, there are numerous templates in EDM.


6. What affects the open rate?

The open rate will be affected by the reputation of the company, advertisement topic and advertisement content and the sending and receiving time of mail.