IGEARS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED has been included in Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) IT Service Providers Reference List
(SP Reference Number: SP-791-724) for all 12 categories of IT solutions for distance business

About Distance Business Programme (D-Biz)

Due to the epidemic outbreak, many enterprises in various industries have been hit hard. Thus, remote working or service has become a new trend against the backdrop of the epidemic. Under the second phase of the Anti-Epidemic Fund, the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has launched a six-month, Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) with a total amount of HK$500 million, to support enterprises to continue to operate and provide services during the epidemic. The programme offers funding support through 10-day express approval for enterprises to adopt various information technology (IT) solutions for developing distance business.

Funding Amount

– The Government will subsidize 100% of the project fee
– For each IT solution and the relevant training expenses for the employees, the funding ceiling is HK$100,000
– Each enterprise may receive a total subsidy of up to HKD 300,000 to undertake a project to be completed within six months

Application Period

The programme will open to enterprises for applications on 18 May 2020.

*Details of the application and assessment procedure to be announced. Information about the Distance Business Programme (D-Biz) on this website is for reference only.

D-biz Funding Scope and Application Case

The programme covers 12 IT categories relating to distance business, with a view to supporting enterprises to develop distance business and to use innovative technology.

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