Customer Relationship Management System

CRM is a technical solution to deal with customers instantly and effectively, also a way to expand business. CRM helps your company have a better understanding of customers, provides an insight in how to interact with your customer.

Basic Features

Customer Database

All customer information is integrated in the CRM system. Just login to the system, all details of customers can be searched, viewed, including contact information, past order records, etc.

Sales Database

CRM is also made for salespersons. When a salesperson received an order query from a customer, he/she can make a quotation in the system; transaction once finished, invoice can be made. All in all, the system can perform different sales task efficiently and monitor the sales progress effectively.

Customer Report

Customer data can be converted into different analytical reports, such as the overall demographic characteristics, such graphical data can be used for team analysis.

Sales Report

Similarly, our CRM system can generate related sales report, such as sales monthly performance, help you keep tracking the sales progress.

Login Portal

Individual login will be given to your employees, the password is free to edit. It is available to access the system for viewing customer information.

Benefits to your Business with CRM

Strengthen Collaboration

with CRM, employees can organize sales and customer activities in a systematic way, which can reduce training costs.

Improve Work Efficiency

CRM can help save time in accessing information as all the orders’ information, quotations and customers’ records are standardized and stored in the system.

Improve Productivity

CRM can track and view the sales performance, data can be visualized so that it is easy to make a comprehensive analysis and thus identify the room for improvements.